Khurram Rana

Associate Director

Khurram Rana is Associate Director of Agritube Media Team. He holds the Master’s Degree in Mass Communication from Beaconhouse National University. Previously he has worked with the Pakistan’s 2nd largest Terrestrial Network ATV as Associate Director. In his 7 years of media experience Khurram had done many projects including Live Marathon Transmissions, Sitcoms, Reality Shows, Morning Shows, Concerts and Iftaar Transmissions.He has also worked in The News International as a Reporter and reported many investigative stories with byline. Khurram has also worked as a fundraiser and aid worker in the earth quake-affected areas of Pakistan in 2005. He has also attended a workshop on “Trauma Interviewing” by Amy Herdy (Producer at 9-NEWS). He is currently working as an Associate Director in Agritube Media Team at the Innovations for Poverty Alleviation Lab based out of Information Technology University, Punjab.
“They tried to bury us.. they did’nt know we were seeds” Mexican Proverb

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