Product Designer

Bilal Majeed khan is a graduate from the University of Manchester with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering Design. Prior to joining ITU, Bilal managed Computer Aided Engineering department at Automotive Engineering Design (Pvt) where he had the opportunity of providing Engineering Design and Simulation Driven Product Development services to local and European Automotive OEMs and Industrial concerns.

Core fields of interest include Product Development, Industrial Design, Engineering Simulation, Failure investigation and mechanical design.

Currently holds the position of Program Manager at I-HUB. The core responsibilities include development of a rapid prototyping lab, conducting design/ virtual prototyping workshop at D-LAB and supporting research & development being conducted at IPAL (ITU).

Bilal privately consults in the fields of mechanical engineering and Industrial design. Portfolio can be visited at



If you want to be a part of the D-Lab course, by helping the students in their research, brainstorm with them, by arranging or inviting them on a fieldtrip, or be a part of the IPAL projects by working on the hardware/software components of the projects, please write to us