Agritube: Educating Farmers

The Challenge

By conducting field research and implementing various projects, IPAL has discovered that innovation is abundant throughout Pakistani society, as individuals regularly implement their own inventive ideas and methods to meet demand, especially at times when resources are scarce. Low literacy coupled with low income has given rise to endeavours where an average Pakistani, such as a farmer, develops tools and applies methods (with limited resources) to help sustain his farmland and subsequently, his livelihood. However much of this local innovation and useful agricultural information often goes unnoticed due to the fact there is no singular platform for such information to disseminated to the average farmer.

Our Solution

Focusing on local agrarian innovations and researching agricultural techniques will be a key aspect of the AgriTube project. By observing local innovations as well as learning from farming best practices and techniques applied around the world, the AgriTube project will aim to gather a host of useful information for its users that is readily accessible and operable. With a dedicated team consisting of media professionals, the platform intends to educate and guide farmers on best practices, spread awareness regarding land characteristics (e.g. climate, fertility), spread awareness on proper use of farming equipment, as well as promote applicable and innovative farming methods to assist farmers in their daily routine through open workshops, web portals, videos and other such mediums.