Talk by Abu Bakar
March 22, 2017


On March 20th, 7:00-8:30 pm, Abu Bakr Siddique, from Akhuwat visited ITU and gave a talk on the model of business and social entrepreneurship that Akhuwat follows as well as he interacted with our CS students to help them understanding locally relevant problems that students can solve using their technical expertise. He spoke about ‘Social Entrepreneurship and Alleviating Poverty through Micro-enterprise and Micro-finance’. He also talked on the inaccessibility of ‘choice’ to the majority of Pakistan’s population, and how this derived directly from poverty alleviation. Through illustrative analogies, he talked about the adversity of people living below the poverty line in this country and how micro-finance could be the panacea.
Abubakr is currently working as a Chief Coordinator at Akhuwat, which provides interest-free micro-finance services with a sustainable approach to development. He has a diverse set of experiences across a number of fields including banking, agriculture, manufacturing, and healthcare. He is from Lahore and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Western Michigan University