Design for Development Expo – 2014
July 18, 2014

Author: ipal-admin

IPAL conducted a successful expo for the D-lab student projects on 19th of July 2014. Judges and guests travelled from Islamabad and Karachi to be a part of this event. The students of Design Lab 2, ITU’s advanced design course offering, spent months working on low-cost product designs that will solve some of Pakistan toughest development issues. The students carried out in-depth demonstrations of the working prototypes of these brand new ideas, for the people attending the expo. From Bluetooth baby monitors to solar-powered mobile chargers, D-Lab’s Expo gave the attendees a glimpse into the future!

Read more about the 2014 D-Lab projects:

  1. HYDRA for Disaster Effected & Rural Areas: Hydra solves the issues of load-shedding and unavailability of cold water using solar power technology and in regions like Punjab and Sindh where the heat and natural disasters affects daily life adversely.
  2. WheatCutter: The wheat cutter takes the best features from the two most common methods of wheat cutting, i.e. by machine and by a hand held tool and combines them to create a safer, faster and cheaper way of cutting wheat.
  3. GluDroid-Diabetes Care Solution: Gludriod connects a glucometer to an Arduino device to send the glucometer reading of the patient to an Android based phone using WiFi. The process digitizes data and helps manage patient records.
  4. Khoya Maker: Khoya is an exquisite and local ingredient used widely in the making of sweets in Pakistan. So far all Khoya production is done manually. The Khoya Maker is the first attempt at a mechanised khoya production system. The Khoya Maker employs the use of motors to stir the raw materials and temperature sensors to guide the speed of the stirrer at different stages of production.
  5. Mango Dryer-Fruit Dehydration. Pakistan is one of the largest Mango Supplier in the world; therefore it holds great promise to tap into the dried fruit market. The Mango dryer does exactly that; by combining Aluminium sheets to store heat in a box via Solar panels and exhaust fans to control humidity and temp sensors to control the air flow the mango dryer maintains the optimum level for fruit dehydration.
  6. Aloe Vera Extractor: Aloe Vera is currently extracted by hand, leading to a long and tedious process.  The extractor consists of roller pins and a bottom tray to extract and store Aloe Vera.
  7. Water Purifier for Rural Areas: Clean drinking water is a luxury in the rural areas therefore; a sustainable and scalable water purification project is the need of the day. The Water Purifier harnesses the UV rays from the sun to process the unclean water along with other components like a condenser and dispenser.
  8. Solar Phone Charger for Disaster Hit Areas: The charger employs solar panels to charge batteries that supply power to the cell phone charging ports.
  9. ICTD Baby Monitor: The baby monitor allows for the electronic measurement and transfer of the baby’s vital statistics to an android phone. This also helps in digitising the data for record keeping.